Spring Into Wellness

Spring Into Wellness

If you are reading this blog post for a step by step list or checklist of things that you can do this spring to stay well then you are reading the wrong blog post! Will we provide these things? Oh, 💯!! But, we know what it takes for you to lead you and/or your family down a more natural road to health and wellness, and we know that it can seem overwhelming with all of the different things that you can do or “should do”. Between the supplements, organic foods 🥬, different providers, detoxes, and more, how will you have time to do all of this, live your already busy life, and how will you know if any of it is even working if you can manage to do it all? 🤔

Throughout this post we are going to put a batting order to all of these things to make sure that you aren’t doing an unnecessary amount and creating more difficulty around something that can be simple. After all, living a more healthy, natural lifestyle is what you are after and should lead to a happier more stress-free life…so lets make it simple! 😉

The most common way nearly EVERYONE starts their health journey is by changing their diet (maybe a detox diet, a no carb diet, keto, etc.) or starting exercising (cycling, HITT workouts, group classes, etc.) or the real go getters do both! 😮

Now…what if we told you that ALL of these people are missing a KEY component that would actually fast track their progress and help ensure that they actually stick with these lifestyle changes!? That this KEY component would make sure they get the most out of their new diet and exercise, and would make sure that they are building this new lifestyle on a firm foundation that will last?? 🤯

This key component is your Nervous System Function!! 🧠 A nerd phrase for how well the body is recovering, healing, breathing, utilizing nutrients, adapting, resting, etc. If all of these people knew that if they were to just make sure that their bodies were in a state of growth + optimal function and that by doing this it would set the stage for their dietary changes and exercise to benefit their body EVEN more…don’t you think they would want to do it?? If they knew that there was a way to measure this function and see how their bodies functioning don’t you think they would want to see this? 

YES!! We do too! If we take care of our nervous system first (master controller of the entire body) then our bodies will be better able to utilize our dietary changes, exercise programs, supplements, new found hydration, and more! In other words, this would build a perfect foundation and fast track progress, also allowing you to avoid some of the more complicated things down the road of wellness. Be sure to find a Chiro that checks your nervous system function and helps you set the stage for success in your health journey. And if you haven’t yet, we made it easy for you to click below to start with us! 🙌

Now..with all of that being said, we do get asked ALL of the time in our office about other things that can be done at home and during daily living to help improve health and wellness on your own time! With the Spring season springing, here is a GOLDEN checklist of 10 of our favorite ways to stay happy + healthy through the Spring!! 🌸

  1. Stay Extra Hydrated! 💧
  2. When buying fruits and vegetables, buy the organic ones and stay away from processed foods and foods loaded with sugar 🥦
  3. Get outside and soak up all of the Vit. D (if it’s storming like it does here in Asheville during this season..supplement with vit. D3…and if you need some we got you!) ☀️
  4. Ditch the chemicals! Kids and chemicals don’t mix! Swap out toxic household products with non-toxic clean products to help reduce the toxic strain on the body. 🙅🏼
  5. Drink some ice cold Kombucha to support your Gut-Immune System 🥃
  6. Move and move often. There is no better time of year to start a new workout program, run outside, hike, paddleboard, cycle, etc. 🚴🏾‍♀️
  7. Have fun and don’t take life too seriously! Smile and Laugh! These emotions are good for the body 😊
  8. Practice gratitude every morning and night. List out, even if it is just in your head, at least 5 things you are grateful for. 🙏
  9. Supplement Elderberry syrup with local raw honey to assist with allergies! We know Spring in Asheville can be rough on the allergies, but they don’t have to be if you support your body in the right ways. 🐝
  10. Grounding- the practice of allowing your bare feet to touch the ground for at least 10 minutes/ day. 👣

We would love to hear some ways that you and your family are staying healthy and enjoying the Spring season this year. Share them with us here! 🌸

As always, I am here for you and I greatly appreciate you!
Dr. Taylor MacLean

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