Ahimsa Healing Loft

French Broad Chiropractic has partnered with Ahimsa Healing Loft to offer our world class Chiropractic expertise and help bring true health to more families and kiddos in South Asheville and Hendersonville!

You may get adjusted in South Asheville Wednesday afternoons or Friday mornings! We do ask that you come to our main location near Downtown Asheville for your Initial Consultation and afterwards we may proceed with routine care at Ahimsa in South Asheville!

Ahimsa Healing Loft Offerings:

Facilitating the session is Lynn Konicki, experienced practitioner of 17 years who spent most of that time at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Offering the latest in closed system equipment, the Aqua Cleanse. We specialize in the SloFil method which hydrates and cleanses the walls of the colon, while working with the physical body to assist in muscular strengthening and reshaping. This gentle approach also allows us to rediscover the importance of the bowels, through nervous system re-patterning. The physical, emotional & mental healing can be transformative.

We are working on a cellular level in order to activate the large bowel, liver, & lymphatic system to effectively dump waste and detoxify the body naturally.


Far Infrared Sauna Sessions in a Low EMF Dynamic Sauna.

Lynn has a 30 years experience with this work and it shows. Being new to this kind of self-care was new for me but she put me right at ease. She has a calming effect and does not hesitate to educate clients when asked. I would highly recommend her work.


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